We Care About The Health Of Your Family.

About Us

Mission Statement

  • Prime Healthcare Providers is a medical group formed by primary care physicians, to proudly serve the community’s needs and to assist all of it’s participating providers in delivering health care services to their patients stressing clinical quality, service and cost effectiveness. These caring physicians have been serving in your neighborhoods since 1978.

  • As health professionals, out mission is to provide the residents of Houston with a demonstrable superior value of health care, stressing clinical quality, service and cost effectiveness. They endeavor to care for their patients in the same fashion they would have their loved ones cared for.

  • Prime Healthcare Providers using sound clinical management systems shall:
    • Associate selectively with highly qualified physicians and other providers,
    • Use the most modern technology available to help care for their patients,
    • Monitor clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, quality and cost of services and
    • Offer purchasers of health care a demonstrable superior value of it’s services.

  • Prime Healthcare Providers offers comprehensive medical care to the entire family. As experienced, highly qualified physicians, Prime Healthcare Providers knows how to best care for all of your family’s medical needs. When necessary, they will smoothly coordinate your referral to one of their affiliated team of exceptional Board Certified specialists.

  • Prime Healthcare Providers shall be a prominent medical group, with a unity of purpose, that will anticipate and manage change in the environment.

  • Prime Healthcare Providers is committed, through dynamic leadership and innovative strategies, to enhance the practices of it’s member physicians by supporting them to better manage the health care they provide.