We Care About The Health Of Your Family.


Why Is There A Membership Fee?

  • A fee is the best way to continue to support the intensive services that we now provide & preserve the standard of care that you deserve & have come to expect from us.

  • It is the new trend in primary care that preserves the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship.

  • We do not want to compromise our ideals, & to resort to an assembly-line style of practice (6 minutes per patient) that would severely limit our face-to-face time with you, as meaningful patient interaction is what attracted us to primary care in the first place.

  • Allows us to continue to participate in your insurance plans & bill them, in the traditional way, for any covered services that we may render as your membership fee is only for those non-covered insurance services that are beyond the usual & customary in any medical office.

  • Allows us to focus our care on a fewer number of patients with a higher level of personalized service for each.

  • Allows us to continue to focus on keeping you healthy for as long as possible, with the fewest pharmacological agents & without the need for frequent hospital admissions, allowing you to attain longevity.

  • Allows us to continue to provide services that are not typically covered by health plans (non covered services) that are beyond the usual & customary in any medical office & for which some practices charge itemized fees in excess of $2,000.

  • Most concierge practices charge an annual access fee in the $1500 to $2400 range but with fewer services. Our philosophy is to give you a Cadillac service for a Chevy price, so we are including in our plan, many more valuable and non covered benefits for 1/3 the price. That's right - more value for less money.

  • Allows us to clearly separate out those enhancements that are only for non-covered insurance services.

  • Allows you to be reimbursed by health savings accounts (HSAs), many of which now provide debit cards for easy access to account funds.

  • Allows us to know exactly how many patients we have at any time so that we can keep our practice to a manageable number.

  • Since this is a multi-tiered health system, we feel that there are many of you, who appreciate having control in determining the type of services that you receive, appreciate our high level of service, are eager to maintain this kind of personalized care & attention & are willing to pay extra for it. We also understand that for others, this added level of service is not as important.