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Consultations - Second Medical Opinions

Obtaining a second opinion from a physician can be a critical step in making informed health care decisions. Here is a list of the most important reasons to seek the opinion of another doctor.

  • Questions were not answered for you
  • Major surgery has been recommended
  • A rare disease has been diagnosed
  • A serious illness or condition has been diagnosed
  • Recommended treatment has serious potential risks or side effects
  • The diagnosis is difficult and warrants an additional medical opinion to confirm the findings
  • A treatment is recommended that is excessively expensive
  • A course of treatment has not been effective
  • You feel uncomfortable about the physician's skills and areas of expertise

Getting a second opinion usually results in the second physician affirming what the first physician initially recommended. However, it can be worthwhile to gain this reassurance and confidence in your care.

In other situations, the second physician's opinion differs from that of the first physician. In this case, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision about the course of your treatment.

If you would like a Prime Healthcare Provider physician to provide a second opinion, call our office at 713-932-0118 to schedule an appointment.

Please bring with you your medical records and any diagnostic studies that you may have had.