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Medical Services

Computerized Medical Records

Physicians at Prime Healthcare Providers are using computers to make your Medical Care even better

Through the use of an EHR (Electronic Health Record), the doctors at Prime Healthcare Providers are stepping into the Medical Future!

Prime Healthcare Providers has chosen a powerful Electronic Health Record System to assist with managing all the data and decisions that are required with modern Medical Care.

An electronic health record (EHR) system allows PHP providers to document patient notes, streamline the flow of the office, and securely use the medical data to make faster and more accurate decisions.

EMR gives PHP.

  • Comprehensive medical records - securely accessible when and where the doctor needs it - office or hospital
  • Tools to make the best medical care decisions
  • Flexibility and Customization to fit PHP's practice style
  • Lab results from the lab are automatically imported and attached to your patient record
  • Ability to quickly search for patients prescribed medicines that have been recalled
  • Ability to track immunizations, medical problems, and follow-ups more effectively
  • Fast medication interaction checks
  • Electronic Formularies to assure your medication is covered by your insurance
  • Easily identify patients needing disease management or who might be eligible for a clinical trial
  • Quickly fax refills to the pharmacy and consults to the specialists

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